Botox has had its day, £150 ‘super creams’ are a waste of money and time, and Fraxel’s days are numbered!

The new kid on the block is actually not that new at all, but it seems to be the fastest way to turn back time on your face and body. What you put into your body is now back in the limelight with several large pharmaceutical companies starting to take note by offering a range of nutritional supplements.

The cosmetics world was shocked when leading pharmaceutical brand Unilever proved that its nutritional supplements could reduce fine lines and crow’s feet by up to 30% in 14 weeks. These supplements were also found to stimulate the skin to produce “significantly more fresh collagen”. As a result the supplements sold out within days and are still out of stock in many places.

But there’s more…

There are many time capsule supplements emerging onto the market that are bursting with multivitamins and antioxidants. These combinations of nutrients are designed to make the skin look great and to boost your body and slow the signs of aging.

When it comes to getting their hands of the latest anti-aging supplements, Londoners are amongst the most enthusiastic. Everybody is after that magical formula that will reduce wrinkles, up the energy reserves and stop the hands of time in their tracks.

Many celebrities are starting to use nutritional supplements in a bid to stay looking younger without resorting to chemical or surgical measures. They are choosing formulas containing vitamins A, C and E, grape seed extract, glucosamine, omega oils, amino acids and antioxidants as part of their regime and this trend looks set to grow and grow.

The fact that the large pharmaceutical companies are sitting up and taking notice is big news. More and more people are shunning synthetic remedies and anti-aging supplements in favour of their natural counterparts. This has led to the pharmaceutical companies investing in clinical trials of natural extracts and supplements and the findings are pretty interesting. It’s only a matter of time before more and more companies start to release their answer to nature’s remedies.

At Ageless Health we’ve long advocated the use of natural supplements to sustain health and slow the signs of ageing. Our range of supplements have been developed with natural ingredients to give you all the support you need to live well and to look great every day.