Antioxidant supplements are exactly what their name implies. These supplements work hard to neutralise and eliminate free radicals in your body by preventing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is bad news to your cells as it can cause them to transform and mutate. When this happens your body is more susceptible to a range of diseases and aging prematurely.

Think of antioxidant supplements like throwing water onto a fire. Antioxidants ‘quench’ the effect of free radicals and help to promote a healthy and toxin-free body. That’s good news for you and it’s great news for the aging process. Free radicals play a huge role in the aging process by damaging your healthy cells and preventing effective regeneration of new cells.

Good antioxidant formulas contain just the right range of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to give your body effective and efficient support. By fortifying from within your body will be protected well from pollutants in the atmosphere, in food, and in the chemicals we come into contact with each day.

A good multivitamin and mineral formula will contain multiple antioxidant compounds. Some vitamins such as C, E, and A(Beta Carotene) are antioxidants. Other really effective antioxidants include Resveritrol, Lycopene, and Selenium. These antioxidants often work in harmony with each other helping to form a great defence against the build-up for free radicals.

Avoiding Free Radicals
You can also help to reduce the build-up of free radicals by following a healthy lifestyle. Whilst you can’t eliminate all of the factors below, taking antioxidant supplements will help to reduce their effects:

Don’t smoke – if you do then make it a point to quit

Don’t overdo your exposure to the sun

Don’t over consume alcohol

Don’t consume foods containing trans fats or hydrogenated oils

Don’t cook with fats or oils other than butter or coconut

Get your cardio exercise from sprinting or interval training

Do consume antioxidant rich foods and use a good antioxidant formula

Keep your stress levels down

The free radical theory of aging acknowledges that some reactive molecules play an important role in the process of aging and the development of chronic diseases. If you can do all you can to reduce oxidative stress and the effects that free radicals can have on the body you will be doing all you can to live a healthy life free from stress and disease.

We believe great nutrition is vital to aging well. Reverse the signs of aging by eating right adding vital supplements to your diet and exercise. Our nutritional approach to anti aging works on your internal beauty system, helping remove harmful toxins and replenishing the body with key anti aging supplements. Read our blog for information and tips on our nutritional approach to anti aging.