Is there anything that chia seeds can’t do? Not only do they keep you looking and feeling younger, but they can also help with the weight loss process. If you are struggling with your weight and looking for a diet aid that isn’t packed with chemicals, artificial sweeteners or false claims, chia seeds could be the solution you are looking for. Chia is rich in Omega oils, calcium, protein, fibre, and antioxidants so in addition to helping you lose weight they also give your body some of the most important life-giving nutrients.

First, let’s talk about your energy levels. Do you find that you have bags of energy in the morning only to slump at your desk or on the sofa in the afternoons? This is a really common problem when dieting and one that you need to get out of if you want to lose weight steadily. Chia seeds sustain the body throughout the day as they release their energy slowly. In doing so, they also help you to stop reaching for the biscuit tin when hunger pangs and food cravings strike!

Chia seeds are also excellent at soaking up water. When eaten, the seeds expand in your digestive system causing you to feel fuller for longer. Forget the appetite suppressants and other pills packed with harmful chemicals. Chia seeds are one of the most natural appetite suppressants you can choose and they are so easy to fit into your daily diet. Whilst chia seeds don’t have any taste, this is actually a benefit. It means they can be added into a wide range of recipes and dishes without affecting the overall flavour.

Another great benefit of chia seeds is that they sweep through your digestive system giving it a good clean on the way! This helps to rid your body of harmful toxins and can also clear up the debris left behind by foodstuffs such as dairy and meat. Even the healthiest of diets can leave debris in the gut and it’s this debris that chia seeds are so good at cleansing. A cleaner body is one that can send clearer signals – when your body is cleaner you may find your food cravings for unhealthy foods such as pizza, chocolate and other sugary foods diminish.

Adding chia seeds to your weight loss regime might be the missing piece of the puzzle. If you are constantly sabotaging your diet or giving up, it could be because you need to balance your energy levels and add more to your diet to keep you going for longer. Chia seeds when added to a good quality diet can really help you to lose the pounds and feel healthier than ever before. A simple sprinkle over a healthy salad or some seeds added to a soup can be a great way to feel fuller for longer. And don’t forget, chia seeds are also packed with lots of fantastic nutrients that will keep you looking and feeling younger than ever before!