Those who experience regular pains and inflammatory problems in joints will know that finding a fast-acting, long-term and pain-free solution of increased motion and flexibility in the sore joints might be deemed impossible.

Most medications claim that they ‘cure’ joint problems, however they tend not to mention the inconvenient side-effects induced by the medication. They also tend not to mention the length of time it takes for the medication to have an effect of the affected area. This is perhaps why more and more people are turning to natural ingredients to relieve them of the pains, as they can be sure that although the medication might not necessarily cure them completely of their problems forever, they can at least be sure that they will not feel any inconveniencing side-effects.

Celadrin is one such natural ingredient which has been medically shown to reduce inflammation and pain by lubrication with no side effects. It is comprised of proprietary cetylated fatty acid esters & other active synergists which represents a matrix of fatty acid carbons and is scientifically designed to be absorbed rapidly and provide immediate and continuous pain relief, safely and efficaciously. Developed through a process of esterifying oils, the ingredient consistently enhances and lubricates cell membranes throughout the body providing youthful cell fluidity and elasticity, cushioning the bones and joints to maintain flexibility and mobility so that moving can be done painlessly and with ease.

How can Celadrin be taken? Celadrin comes in two forms: gel capsules and a topical cream. The gel capsules contain a mix of fatty acids and other ingredients which form a gel that can be hardened and formed into pills.

Celadrin’s topical cream contains the same mix of fatty acids, as well as olive oil, menthol and peppermint oil, (to make the cream feel cool and soothing), amongst other ingredients which form an emulsion, a mixture of oils and water, that forms a spreadable cream and keeps the fatty acids dissolved.

It must be of no surprise to know that Celadrin is not only clinically shown for acting within 30 minutes with rapid and deep penetration to the affected area, but is also proven effective in both oral and topical applications. This is perhaps why many would agree that this miracle of an all natural ingredient may be the most effective and only long-term solution for inflamed, arthritic-like joints.


The Journal of Rheumatology & Celadrin