You are what you eat! Yes, we have all heard that statement over and over again, yet not many people really take conscious efforts to protect and guide their body from harm. It’s great to have regular check-ups and partake in occasional healthy, body-building exercises and all these are good and in the right direction, but just like every other aspect of life, the simplest things are usually the most effective.

Anti aging starts from within, this means giving attention to what eat and ensuring you take supplements to give your body a major boost in health. Your whole body thrives on the quality of your food intake, and in order for you to stay healthy, the higher the quality of your food the better your body develops and grow and looks.

One of the natural defenders of your health, protecting and safeguarding you from sickness is the body’s immune system. See the immune system as your own body’s law enforcement agency. It stays up all day and night to combat germs, viruses, dangerous body enemies. That is why you need to keep that agency running all the time, maintaining and giving it what it needs so it can work effectively for you. Vitamin supplements like ESTER-C taken on daily basis will strengthen immune system and help ward off colds and viruses.

Ester-C is a special and an exclusive form of Vitamin C, with the major function of providing your immune system with a round-the-clock protection and support. It works by staying in the white blood cells for full 24-hours, giving a helping hand to the inner workings of your immune system. It’s like a back-up. Just at the time when your immune system starts feeling low and empty, it gives the necessary boost. Just a pill in a day is enoug.

Full Benefits of Ester-C

  • It provides 24-hours, constant support for the body’s immune system.
  • This is a special, exclusive form of Vitamin C.
  • It provides constant anti-oxidant support for the body, getting rid of harmful body elements like free radicals.
  • It gives adequate protection to your heart.
  • Because of the proprietary, enhanced C-Sorb technology, Ester-C can permeate into your blood cells faster than any other immune boosting supplements.
  • Ester-C can help maintain healthy gums and provides adequate skin care support.

How Ester-C Works

Ester-C is a unique and exclusive Vitamin C, derived from Calcium Ascorbate. It is manufactured via a water-based, proprietary process that leads to the production of PH neutral product that contains vitamin C metabolites. These metabolites are what activate the Vitamin C molecules and ensure easier transportation from one body cell to another.

How Ester-C is Gentle on Your Stomach

People taking Vitamin C often complained about the irritating sensations that they normally feel in their stomach, but as far as Ester-C is concerned, it has special metabolic that is both non-acidic and stomach-friendly. This has been proving on many occasions by various reputable, academic fact-finding researches.