Our environments and habitats are so polluted that many people are getting sicker today, more than ever. There is virtually no place you go without the scourge of pollution, thick in the environment. Air, Water, even living, residential homes are so filled with pollutants that sicknesses and breakdown of health is no longer seen as special occurrence.

Yet, individuals can take practical steps that will prevent them from being victims of the prevalent scourge of pollutions by first taking care of their immune system. The immune system of the human body is considered as a person’s last line of defense against incoming sickness. What actually happens when a person is down with sickness is that the onslaught of the sickness has succeeded in overpowering the immune system. This could also be likened to a war situation. Whenever the soldiers of a land surrender in defeat, then the enemy is said to have victory. The victory of germs, viruses, etc over the body is what is known as sickness, after they have succeeded in overcoming the body’s little soldiers. It therefore goes without saying that the best way to avoid sickness is to constantly prime and maintain the immune system of the body. To do that effectively, simple but beneficial foods and natural food supplements are identified below that will ensure that your defenses are always up and at alert.

Foods that naturally protect the immune system:

Class Type A: Fish, Mushrooms, Oats, Barley and Garlic: These foods are naturally rich with inbuilt nutrients that will boost and enhance ones immune system. Mushrooms and fish such as oysters, clams and crabs are rich in selenium, which helps to develop white blood cells. White blood cells in turn produce protein that will clear viruses like flu out of the body. Oats and barley are beta-glucan-rich fibers that help with antimicrobial and antioxidant functions. These are responsible for speedy recovery of our body after illness or damage, thereby improving the immune oversight functions. And lastly, garlic and other white veggies that contain phytochemicals called allicin, which helps the body to remove various infections and bacteria, inside out.

Class Type B: Chicken Soup, tea, beef and sweet potato: Chicken soup is special and beneficial to the immune system because when chicken cooks in the broth, an amino acid known as cysteine is released, this cysteine combined with the salt in the soup will help thin out mucus and helps in ensuring speedy recovery of the body. Green and black teas are so rich in Letheanine, that drinking several cups on a daily basis will help enhance your anti-virus interferon. Beef contains immune boosting zinc while sweet potatoes are also rich in essential Vitamins A, which helps keep your body’s frontline, that is your skin, healthy and free of infections.

Class Type C: Shikimin Acids, Ester C®, Zinc, Liquorice, Sambucca Extract, and Echinacea:

These are body boosting supplements that are crucial to the sustenance and maintenance of your immune system. Shikimic Acid Supplement is derived from important biochemical metabolite in plants and microorganisms and it helps the immune system in fighting off the encroachment of sickness in the body. Licorice supplement possesses compounds that will help supply antioxidant support, maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and thin the blood. Meanwhile Echinacea supplement is widely used to fight upper respiratory infections like common cold and other infections like urinary tract infections, genital herpes, typhoid, etc Other beneficial and natural supplements that are beneficial in the protection of your immune system are: Sambucca Extract, Ester C, Liquorice among others.