If you’re fed up with the onset of winter colds the moment the chilly weather hits, it might be time to give your immune system a boost. Wouldn’t it be great to get to the end of winter and realise that you haven’t suffered from any sniffles, sore throats or flu symptoms? By making some adjustments to your diet and your daily routine, a cold-free winter could be waiting for you!

You don’t need to use all of the tips in the list below. By choosing just 3 and turning them into habits, you will be doing all you can to increase your immune system and your overall health. You’ll also please your boss because you won’t need to take any sick leave during the winter months when everybody around you is falling like flies. The winter heralds some of the darkest months of the year, but following the tips below will keep a constant spring in your step.

It’s All About the Lemons

Lemon is a really great food for boosting the immune system and it’s really easy to add into your diet and daily routine. You could try adding freshly squeezed juice into a glass of iced water, into your tea or putting it into a salad dressing. When you drink lemon juice you restore your body’s acid-alkali balance and in turn you’ll be helping to reduce your susceptibility to colds and flu and also help to maintain your body’s internal temperature.

Go Herbal

Herbs are a great way to give your body a boost and they taste great! Whilst there are hundreds of herbal supplements on the market, there are also many herbs that you can add to your food to add flavour and a much needed shot of health to your immune system. Spices are also great at boosting your immune system and are readily available. Try chilli flakes, garlic and cayenne pepper.

Sleep is the Key

It’s well known that a good night’s sleep is great for the body and for mental health too. The body needs between 6-10 hours of sleep each night to ensure its refreshed and ready to face the next day. Everybody’s needs are different so make a note of your body’s sleep requirements and stick to this number. You may find you need less or more than the required amount and your body will let you know whether you’ve had enough or not. Good sleep patterns have also been linked to balanced hormone levels, sound body and mind, and vibrant healthy skin.

Eat Your Protein

Protein forms one of the most important of all food types. Without protein your body would not be able to restore damaged tissues, build muscle or function efficiently. Diets low in protein are usually high in carbs and this can cause too much of a spike in blood sugars. Make sure you eat enough protein each day to help keep your blood sugars balanced and your immune system healthy.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is very important for keeping the body functioning correctly. When you have enough water in your body, important functions such as fighting disease and boosting the immune systems are much more efficient and effective. Still, despite many reminders in the media, people still are not getting enough water. The average person needs at least 8 glasses of water a day, but don’t worry if you feel this is too much. Drink when you feel the need.

The Easy Way to Increase Your Immunity

If you are worried that your immune system is in need of a much required boost, a good immune formula is for you. Look for ones that contain Ester C & Echinacea. You’ll get all you need at the start of the day to help avoid common viruses and keep your immune system in top condition.