Controlling your stress levels and taking practical steps towards reducing it to the barest minimum can help to increase longevity. Allowing stress to take hold in one’s life can be the cause of major health challenges. Not surprisingly 70 percent of hospital visits are due to avoidable health conditions relating to stress and anxiety.

The prevalent economic conditions and environmental hazards do not help matters try some of these suggestions to reduce your stress and live a more peaceful and healthy life…

  • Regular Exercise: This remains the most often heard health advice since the beginning of ages. Yet, it is true. It is probably the most important change you can begin to do today with instant impacts. This is not just some moon walking down the neighbourhood for some few minutes. No. It must be rigorous enough to make your breathing go stressed for at least 20 minutes, everyday. The key is to make it regular. And don’t worry about the energy, you just start and continue until it becomes a habit. Remember, habits fully ingrained are hard to break.
  • Music: This may come as a surprise, but music has been known since the beginning of time to have a soothing impact on the soul. However, to fully maximize the effect of music, make sure it is played whenever you are doing your exercise.
  • Stop trying to be in control: Some people always experience frustration and stress every time they felt down by situations that are beyond their control. We don’t always have to be in charge of events and situations, there are some circumstances that we can’t just manage, and once face to face with such issues, release yourself and be at peace within.
  • Eat good food: Although this ought to go without saying, but majority of the people today are not eating well! The notion that you are what you eat is no joke. If you pay special attention to your food, then you will not only reduce your stress, but also improve your well being generally.
  • Don’t be too attached to things: People can be unnecessarily attached to material things that once taken away or lost, they become stressed.
  • Avoid Arguments: Though tempting and seems to be easy to be lured into one, yet argument really does nothing for parties involved. Nothing but frayed nerves and broken relationships. Avoid it at all cost.
  • Sleep Well: This without doubt is the most sacrificed aspect of our lives as we hurry and scurry through life. Make sure you have at least 7 full hours of sleep daily and even more if you can.
  • Practice Meditation: Find time, at least few minutes everyday to seek solitude and quietness, alone with only yourself, thinking and reflecting on your life as a whole. This will help you become more focused, happier and refreshed.
  • Live a well balanced life: The key to all the aforementioned stress-busting tips is to maintain balance and live a harmonious life. Too much of anything is unhealthy.